Monday, April 30, 2012

Simplicity – 13

I was very happy with the way my roses turned out this time. I first got rid of the thin black irrigation pipe that was snaking out of the wine barrel using Retouch in Picasa 3. You can view my previous pictures to see what it looked like. I’m curious how many people actually noticed it before I took it away. The Retouch application takes a little getting used to. If you apply a lot of patches and then decide you did too many patches, you can click Undo Patch quite a few times. This application seems to have a long memory. If you undo more than you meant to, then you just click the Redo Patch until you’re happy. If you don’t want any of your changes, then just click Reset and start again. Once I was satisfied with the Retouch application, I added Cross Process and that was it.

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