Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Kids with Animals - 11

Earlier in this series, I introduced our dog Benny as a puppy. He’s one of the best dogs that I’ve ever known. We adopted him from the local animal shelter. He’s 100% mutt and perfect. I love his personality and he has this amazing long hair like a spaniel. In this photo, he has a summer haircut. When the days are hot, it’s the kindest thing that we can do for him; besides making sure he has plenty of fresh water and shade.

I’ve got three pictures of Amanda with Benny that I want to share in this series. Amanda is our youngest child. She is my inspiration for my parenting blog at Amanda’s Books and More.

I edited this photo in Picasa 3. I used saturation and boost. I’m not sure what the difference is, but I was trying to bring out more color as Amanda was nearly pure white. The warmify tool didn’t work for me. If it had a bar where I could choose how much warmth, then it probably would have worked.

One neat option that Picasa 3 has with text is that you can outline your letters. I did just that using gray for the inside and black for the outline.

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