Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Slanghoek Valley - Part 1

Slanghoek is Afrikaans for "snake corner." I don't like to think about snakes, but figuratively the road does snake through the mountains and it's a gem of a valley. There are also two breathtaking wine estates along the road, which I will share about next time. These photos I took in August and in February. The garden photos are from February.

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It makes a huge difference.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Bergsig Wine Estate - Part 2

I introduced this series in Part 1 and it's a great one to see first. I've again amalgamated pictures taken on two different visits to Bergsig. In Part 1, it wasn't so obvious, because those photos were taken inside on both occasions, but in this set of photos you'll see a change in lighting and in the wine we bought. And, the beaded sheep are outside instead of inside.

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Amanda sitting with the beaded sheep

A beaded sheep

Amanda swinging

Amanda and me

The wine we bought at Bergsig on our
second visit. Hubby took this photo.
The remaining photos were taken on
our first visit to Bergsig this year.

Protea at Bergsig

Cape Sugarbird sitting on a protea at Bergsig

Cape Sugarbird sitting on a protea at Bergsig

Cape Sugarbird sitting on a protea at Bergsig

Our kitten, Prince, and the wine we brought
home from Bergsig on our first visit.

Bergsig wine

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Bergsig Wine Estate - Part 1

On the day that we drove through the Brandwacht Region, where I took photos of the wild flowers and horses, we continued on the road to Ceres and popped in at the Bergsig Wine Estate for wine tasting. We were there in August, but we had visited in February too, so I've amalgamated my photos from both.

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Bergsig Estate, South Africa

The American and South African flags

Amanda and me

The King Protea as a table centerpiece

Wine tasting with my husband

Art and a working gramophone

Art: Table Mountain as a table to share a glass of wine

The gramophone and record up close

His Master's Voice, The Gramophone Company

Art: life-size sheep made with wire and beads

Amanda and Bergsig wine award display

Wine display

Copper alcohol distillation equipment

Cat at the window

"How much is that [kitty] in the window?"

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Brandwacht Region, Worcester, South Africa

I took these photos in August 2013. It was springtime in the southern hemisphere and the wild flowers were in bloom. We were on a road just outside of a game reserve, near the Brandwacht mountains in Worcester, South Africa. You can click on the images to view them larger.

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