Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My Liebster Blog Award - Part 2

This is the second part of my Liebster Blog Award.

11 Random Things about Me:

My first 7 random things about me are listed over at my parenting blog, Amanda’s Books and More.

8. My favorite sweet treat is chocolate. I especially love dark chocolate, but not over 70% cocoa, because then it loses its sweetness.

9. I wore braces as a kid. My brother called me Metal Mouth.

10. I’ve been to over 40 countries and I’ve lived in three: U.S.A., Germany and now South Africa. I speak English and German and can understand some Afrikaans. By the way, the word “liebster,” as in the Liebster Blog Award, is German and means "dearest" or "favorite."

11. I believe that a mother cannot teach her children fully how to follow their dreams if she is not pursuing her own. It’s easy to get “lost” in motherhood, but every mom needs to take time for herself and to develop the person she is meant to be.

I spent almost two hours putting together my list of 11 deserving blogs and the women behind them. I’m sure there are many more. I’m passing on this Liebster Blog Award to:

Stephanie @ Faith Family Love

Heather @ My Slices of Pie

Tricia @ Raising Humans

Here are the rules:

1. Post 11 random facts about yourself.
2. Choose 11 deserving bloggers and tag them in your post.
3. Tell them you’ve tagged them.
4. Answer 11 questions the tagger has asked you
5. Give 11 questions to the people you’ve tagged.
6. No tag backs.

Here are my 11 questions for you:

1. What is your favorite way to relax and unwind?
2. What do you wish you could have owned or done as a child, but didn’t?
3. Did you think you would be where you are today ten years ago?
4. What one thing have you learned in the past year that has shaped your thinking?
5. What song impacted you the most when you were going through a difficult time?
6. Do you prefer living in the city or the country?
7. What is your favorite meal to cook when you’re expecting company?
8. Which TV celebrity or movie star is most like you?
9. In all your travels, where was your favorite place to visit?
10. What are your three top places that you still want to visit before you die?
11. What change have you made to your lifestyle in the past year in order to help the environment?


  1. Thanks so much for the award :)

    I'm looking forward to answering these 11 questions!

    1. Cool! Let me know when you've posted them, 'cause I'd love to read them!

  2. Hi Christina! Thank you so much for the nomination! And that is so incredibly cool the number of countries you have been to and lived in!! Such a beautiful thing, getting to see the world! <3

    1. I'm glad you got my message. I'd love to read your post, so please let me know if and when you post your answers.

      The travelling is something that I think is more valuable than buying kids lots of presents at Christmas time. Most of my travels were before marriage, but we have done some travels with our kids like mission trips. Hopefully in the future we'll have more opportunities. Have a blessed weekend!

  3. Hi Christina, Congratualtions on the blog award! How amazing to have traveled so much of the world. Hopping over from the Aloha hop and excited to be a new follower :) Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Hi Becky! Thanks! I've just visited your blog and left a comment. I'm now following back. Have a wonderful weekend to you too!


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