Wednesday, November 27, 2013

McGregor Wine Region - Part 3

Today I'm sharing photos of our trip home from the McGregor Food and Wine Festival. The river overflowed its banks from all the rain we had. Sometimes my hubby stopped the car so that I could take pictures, but other times I snapped pics from my car window as we drove past. You can hardly see the difference.

Click on the images to view them larger. There's almost no wait time and it's worth it! Remember to read the captions afterwards. Enjoy!

Crossing the flooded river

Playground under water

Closer view of the flooded river

Rocks written with words on them
in English and Afrikaans
about faith, love, unity and more

Amanda and our humble car

Tree-lined road

Tree-lined road

Vineyard and plum trees with blossoms

Plum trees with blossoms

Farm workers' cottages along a train track and dirt road

Farm workers' cottages along a train track and dirt road
Click on the image to see the clean washing on the line

Plum trees with blossoms

Grazing cows

The Proteas (indigenous flowers) that we bought
in McGregor and brought home with us

You can view Part 1 and Part 2 here.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

McGregor Wine Region - Part 2

The best thing about going wine tasting is getting out and seeing the beautiful South African countryside. The day we visited the McGregor Food and Wine Festival it was raining on and off. I hope you enjoy Part 2 of this series. Remember to click on the images to view them larger.

There were these fabulous flower
arrangements at the picnic
tables under the tent.

Amanda is drinking ice tea.

Here's another fabulous flower arrangement.

Amanda is "wine tasting" a sparkling red grape juice.

We took home a pack for her and the kids.

This is one of the wines that we tasted and bought.
I forgot to take a picture of our purchases
at the event and this is all that we have left.

Amanda tried her hand at photography
and I'm her obedient subject.

The town of McGregor

Brightly painted little thatched cottages

On the road out of McGregor

A small farm we passed along the road.

Horse grazing with blue mountains in the background

Sunlight shining through the
South African and German flags

Lovely pale pink blossoms

Amanda didn't feel like posing for this shot,
but she usually puts up with me
and my camera. She's a great kid.

Here's Part 1 if you missed it.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

McGregor Wine Region - Part 1

Another lovely drive that we took with our youngest child, Amanda, was to the McGregor Food and Wine Festival on the last day of August. Our mission was to go on an outing, enjoy some wines from the area and to check out this festival for our first time. 

We ventured out of our home to brave the rainy weather. It certainly made for some interesting photos. Remember to click on the images to view them larger and to enjoy the finer details. Also, take a moment to check out the neat links (in blue) that I've included.

Driving over a bridge to McGregor

Driving to McGregor

Driving to McGregor with Flowering Plum Trees

Driving to McGregor with a Flooding River

The McGregor Winery

Amanda wore Hello Kitty.

Beautiful Fynbos for Sale
from a Local Farmer

Beautiful Fynbos for Sale
from a Local Farmer

Amanda holding a colorful
bouquet of 
Fynbos that we bought.

The Blushing Bride Protea
You can find out more about these
show stoppers here on Mayesh
and also here on Wedding Flowers.

The Fynbos was being arranged on the table
and the steel drums for the live entertainment
were getting set up in the background.

The South African boys played steel drums
and other instruments.

South African Girls Dressed in Costumes and Dancing in the Rain
There was a mix of drama skits and dance by both boys and girls.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Robertson Wine Region - Part 3

South Africa is a beautiful country with lots to offer, including wine tasting at gorgeous estates. This particular wine estate, Van Loveren, has a fabulous wine pairing menu. They even offer a non-alcoholic pairing for kids and another one for teenagers. They also have a restaurant, a deli and beautiful gardens.

I find that many of my shots, especially the scenic ones, look better when viewed bigger. Since I re-size my photos smaller before uploading them, there is very little wait time when the page is loading and almost no wait time when you click on one. So, go ahead, click on the images to view them larger and have a more enjoyable viewing experience.

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