Wednesday, November 27, 2013

McGregor Wine Region - Part 3

Today I'm sharing photos of our trip home from the McGregor Food and Wine Festival. The river overflowed its banks from all the rain we had. Sometimes my hubby stopped the car so that I could take pictures, but other times I snapped pics from my car window as we drove past. You can hardly see the difference.

Click on the images to view them larger. There's almost no wait time and it's worth it! Remember to read the captions afterwards. Enjoy!

Crossing the flooded river

Playground under water

Closer view of the flooded river

Rocks written with words on them
in English and Afrikaans
about faith, love, unity and more

Amanda and our humble car

Tree-lined road

Tree-lined road

Vineyard and plum trees with blossoms

Plum trees with blossoms

Farm workers' cottages along a train track and dirt road

Farm workers' cottages along a train track and dirt road
Click on the image to see the clean washing on the line

Plum trees with blossoms

Grazing cows

The Proteas (indigenous flowers) that we bought
in McGregor and brought home with us

You can view Part 1 and Part 2 here.

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