Tuesday, November 12, 2013

McGregor Wine Region - Part 1

Another lovely drive that we took with our youngest child, Amanda, was to the McGregor Food and Wine Festival on the last day of August. Our mission was to go on an outing, enjoy some wines from the area and to check out this festival for our first time. 

We ventured out of our home to brave the rainy weather. It certainly made for some interesting photos. Remember to click on the images to view them larger and to enjoy the finer details. Also, take a moment to check out the neat links (in blue) that I've included.

Driving over a bridge to McGregor

Driving to McGregor

Driving to McGregor with Flowering Plum Trees

Driving to McGregor with a Flooding River

The McGregor Winery

Amanda wore Hello Kitty.

Beautiful Fynbos for Sale
from a Local Farmer

Beautiful Fynbos for Sale
from a Local Farmer

Amanda holding a colorful
bouquet of 
Fynbos that we bought.

The Blushing Bride Protea
You can find out more about these
show stoppers here on Mayesh
and also here on Wedding Flowers.

The Fynbos was being arranged on the table
and the steel drums for the live entertainment
were getting set up in the background.

The South African boys played steel drums
and other instruments.

South African Girls Dressed in Costumes and Dancing in the Rain
There was a mix of drama skits and dance by both boys and girls.

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