Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Boutique Hotel - Part 2

My mother-in-law had the vision to create semi-private gardens for each guest suite when they built Cathbert Country Inn. Today it has new owners and is under a new name, Angala, but the gardens are still there and always beautiful to photograph.

All of today's photos were taken in 2012. Amanda, our youngest child, was four years old and Jessica was fourteen. I blog about my family on Amanda's Books and More. Click on the images to view them larger.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Boutique Hotel - Part 1

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Many years ago, my in-laws went in search of a beautiful property where they could run a country inn. They found a modest table grape farm in Simondium, situated between the popular tourist destinations of Paarl and Franschhoek, with idyllic views of surrounding mountains and vineyards. They ran the farm quite successfully, but they still dreamed of running a country inn. They decided to sell off the farm and keep the best piece (the part that was mostly undeveloped) for the inn. The farm was purchased by the owners of Vrede en Lust, the wine farm and bistro that I wrote about last week.

Cathbert Country Inn came into existence more than a decade ago. My in-laws did very well in providing that special care and attention to detail that brought many guests back year after year. They lived in a cottage on the property, the Lily Cottage, and spent most of every day of every year running the place. They kept up the pace for about ten years and decided that it was finally time to sell.

We had a "last day" farewell, thinking that we would never see the place again. Our big kids had spent much of their growing up years at Cathbert and the Lily Cottage. We thought that Amanda, our youngest, would never be able to share the experiences that her siblings had. We thought the story was over. My in-laws thought it was over too.

The new owners changed the name from Cathbert Country Inn to Angala. They made lots of changes to this four-star boutique hotel. They hired my in-laws to help run the place and oversee the many projects. My in-laws were given the Lily Cottage to live in and so the story continues.

Tomorrow is National Heritage Day and National Braai Day. The word "braai" means "BBQ." I thought it was appropriate that some of my photos include a braai that we had at the Lily Cottage in 2012. It's just another example of how the story has continued and how Amanda is getting to share in the memories of this beautiful place.

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My hubby, Robbie - he's driving
(South Africans drive on the left side)

Having a Braai at the Lily Cottage


Traditional South African Boerewors
My father-in-law - the braai master

The Lily Cottage

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Vrede en Lust - Wine Farm and Bistro

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Vrede en Lust - Wine Farm and Bistro

Vrede en Lust is a wine farm between Paarl and Franschhoek. In Dutch it means "Peace and Eagerness." We are very familiar with the area, because my in-laws once owned a small table grape farm above theirs and later sold it to them. On this day we met my in-laws for lunch at the Lust bistro. These photos were taken some time ago.

Big brother, Jeremiah, with little sister, Amanda

The wine tasting room

Having a glass of their red wine
"The Red Lady" with our lunch

My husband, Robbie,
with his yummy lunch

My yummy lunch

My mom-in-law, Amanda, and me

Recently, a South African romantic comedy was filmed here called, "Semi-Soet" meaning "Semi-Sweet." You can watch the teaser below and choose subtitles "on" at the bottom of the YouTube screen.

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