Monday, July 16, 2012

Cut Flowers – 6

Roses and Irises
One thing these photos have in common is that I used a flash. My advice when using a flash is to be aware of what effect you are wanting and to try different things. Often people will tell you to make sure the flash is off when you’re taking a photo. This is because it tends to wash out the natural colors in the image, especially when taking pictures of people up close. However, it can also create an interesting effect as in these three pictures of flowers. Another good use for flash photography is when there are unwanted shadows on your subject. By using the flash, you can eliminate those shadows. But, if your subject is near a flat surface like a wall, then you can end up casting shadows, which doesn’t usually look nice.


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    1. Hi Penelope! I saw all the sweet comments you left on my blogs. Thanks so much and sorry that I'm only replying now! Have a great weekend and all the best with your creative blog!


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