Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Cut Flowers – 7

This was my entrance hall at the last house we rented. My son’s room was directly opposite and didn’t have a door. We think it was originally an extra TV room, but we needed to make it a bedroom.

I’m posting two shots of the same white roses. The first one is my favorite. It was taken in the direction of the natural light, which adds its own whimsical mood. The second one was taken pointing away from the natural light and shows the roses in all their beauty.


  1. These are beautiful! Fresh flowers have a way of making my home feel so special. I found you on Exposure 99% weekday hop and am now following you. I'd love for you to visit and follow back! All the best,

    1. Thanks Monica! I'm now following your lovely blog and have left you a comment. Take care!


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