Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Allesverloren, Swartland Winery

On our way to my in-laws for Christmas, we popped in at the Allesverloren wine estate, which is the oldest winery in the Swartland, South Africa. Allesverloren means "All is Lost" in Dutch and German. It's not a happy name, but it is a happy place to visit.

While we enjoyed some wine tasting in the cool of an air-conditioned room, the kids waited outside. Our two eldest children, Jeremiah and Jessica, were with us. The other two were already at their grandparent's house.

Allesverloren has won a few accolades for their wines over the years. They are particularly well known for their Port. After tasting some of their fabulous wines, we chose a bottle of Port (Fine Old Vintage) and a blended red wine (Danie's Backyard Blend) for my father-in-law and a ruby red (Tinta Barocca) for my mother-in-law. I didn't take a photo of our purchases, but I wished I had.

It was lunch time and we were getting hungry, so we ate at the Pleasant Pheasant, the restaurant and pub at Allesverloren. I'm sure the food there is pretty good, but I couldn't stand the beef patty in my burger, since it wasn't 100% beef, so I passed it on to Jeremiah who devoured all his food with gusto.

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Jessica and Jeremiah

Allesverloren wines with South African prices.
The accolade on the wall is for their Port.

These two accolades are for the Tinta Barocca and the Shiraz (Syrah).

Gold Medal for Port 2005

Jeremiah and Jessica

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Slanghoek Valley - Part 3

The pictures below are mostly of two exceptional wine estates in the Slanghoek Valley, Jason's Hill and Opstal, in the Western Cape, South Africa. These photos were taken the same day as my previous post and most of those photos were of Jason's Hill. I was still using my husband's mobile phone to capture the beauty of this valley. He also took two photos of me that I'm including.

One day we will go back to these wine estates and I will do a proper wine tasting post for both of them. Anyway, on this particular day, Jason's Hill was closed for wine tasting.

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Slanghoek Valley

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Slanghoek Valley - Part 2

We went for a drive one Sunday afternoon to Slanghoek Valley and popped in at two wine estates. The first estate that we visited was closed, but I still took lots of pictures of the property and its surrounding views. You can see some of those pictures here. I'll post the rest next time.

All of these photos were taken with my hubby's mobile phone.

You can view them larger by clicking on them.

In case you missed it, below
is a peek at Part 1.

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