My First Cameras

I still remember my very 1st camera from my childhood. It was a flat, rectangular, black box with a lens and a space inside for a roll of film, not much else. You had to wind the film for each shot and there was a set of individual flash bulbs that you could attach on top. I was a kid and so proud of that camera that I didn’t care what it looked like or how bad the pictures turned out.

Above left is a scanned image of a print from my 1st camera that I scrapbooked in grade 8. This photo was taken in Holland and the caption reads: These kids were all dressed up because they were celebrating their school's 100th anniversary. 
Then I got my first photographer’s dream camera as a teenager. My dad bought a Pentax with attachments secondhand as a set, but he wisely didn’t give me everything at once. The first night, I took that camera to bed with me and slept with it next to my pillow. I loved working with the manual focus and ignored the automatic setting. I also learned about different exposures and different shutter speed films. My film of choice was Fuji.
Above right is a scanned image of a print from my second camera, which I took in grade 9 or 10. The artist is painting the Old Town bridge tower on the famous Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic.
My baby Olympus camera was my first digital camera. It was a huge adjustment for me to get used to an only automatic camera. However, I'm very happy with digital photography. There's so much more that you can do with digital photos and it's cheaper than film. Learning to use great photo editing tools has brought back the fun for me.

Above is a photo of a house and garden in my neighborhood. I do not know the owner personally, but she has the tables outside beautifully arranged almost everyday as if she were awaiting guests.

To learn more about me and my camera, go to my About page.
You can also check out a photo of me with my little Olympus camera that my husband took with his mobile phone on Wild Flower Time in South Africa - 8.

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