Thursday, April 12, 2012

Kids with Animals – 13

This is a very recent photo of Amanda with Benny. I was taking pictures of her outside with the pavement paint that I had made, something that I had learned on Pinterest. When she began interacting so sweetly with our dog, I just had to capture the moment.

You don’t need a fancy camera to take great pictures and make memories. Now-a-days, most mobile phones have good enough built in cameras, which is fantastic because you need to be ready at anytime and anywhere not to miss an opportunity. Take a lot of pictures regularly. Try and be natural about it in order to capture your child being his or her true self.

You might encounter resistance from your family members. I certainly have. Show them the pictures you’re taking and explain how it sometimes requires taking a lot of pictures to get that one amazing picture. The more they understand the process, the less they will resist your efforts. If your son or daughter is adamant against having his or her photo taken, then you’ll have to accept defeat and hope for another opportunity on another day.

Since I began blogging about Amanda, I’ve been taking more pictures of her. She was one of the family members that I needed to have come on board. The last time Amanda joined my husband, me and our dog for a walk, she asked me to take pictures of some of the flowers along the way. How cute is that?!

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