Friday, April 6, 2012

Kids with Animals - 7

This photo is of Samantha with our puppies in 2005. It’s a bittersweet photograph, because it was taken when we still had both Sasha and Benny. The orphaned pups grew up with us, but for certain reasons we felt that Sasha would be better off with another family. She adjusted to her new family so well that when my husband went to visit, she didn’t want to go to him. He realized that she was afraid that he would take her away and this was a good sign.

How to Edit a Photo Using Picasa 3:
I used Picasa 3 to edit this photo. I chose the black paintbrush icon and clicked on Sharpen. This tool has to be used very carefully, because it can quickly turn a smooth image into a grainy one. I then went to the blue paintbrush icon and added a bit of Boost to bring out the colors and Vignette to add the dark border. That’s all the editing I did, but I still had one more application left and that was Text, which is the spanner icon. This was my first time using Picasa 3’s text on one of my images. It takes a little getting used to. Also, the font that I normally used in Picnik was not on the list, so I went with Segeo Print in bold. I think I like this font better.

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