Monday, May 21, 2012

Isn’t She Lovely – 9

Little Amanda looking lovely in a summer dress

This photo was taken just before Amanda’s 2nd birthday. She loves getting dressed up and so she asked to wear this pretty dress just for fun. She was looking so lovely that I asked her to pose for me. It was my idea to have her stand with her back to me and to turn a bit to face the camera. I wanted to capture the bow at the back of the dress and her curly hair. Thankfully, she was willing to humor me and this was the result… a moment captured on film (or whatever they call it these days in our digital world). I liked this dress so much on her that I decided it would be the dress she wore for her 2nd birthday a few weeks later.

I recommend you read My First Cameras and how I began as an amateur photographer of which I am still today.

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