Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Climbing Rocks – 4

Jeremiah loved climbing on the rocks. At home, he loved climbing trees. On this holiday at Plettenberg Bay, his sister, Jessica, tried to match him in bravery and agility. As we walked toward the boulders along the edge of the Indian Ocean, she ran ahead of us. We were all in good spirits. The sun was shining and all three kids were having fun exploring. Suddenly, we realized that Jessica had climbed out of site. Her brother was closest to her and realized the danger she was in before we did. He shouted in his most commanding voice for her to turn back. Thankfully, she responded quickly and came away from the danger zone. She had run onto a boulder where the waves were regularly crashing up and over. After that, she got a long lecture from us about the possibility of being swept off the rocks and out to sea.

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