Thursday, May 17, 2012

Isn’t She Lovely – 5

We took Amanda to see real gemstones at the Scratch Patch in Cape Town when she was a year old. Here she is showing me one of her treasures. In her little hand is just one of many tumble polished gemstones that cover the floor of the Scratch Patch. The best part about visiting the place is that she could fill her little bag with the gems that she collected to take home with her and it was inexpensive.


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    1. Thanks! My photos are usually taken when the kids are happy. I once saw a mom blog with a photo of her two kids, the older was about two years old holding his sibling who was a baby and both were crying. Her caption read something like this, "Motherhood... What the f***" I thought to myself, at least she's telling it like it is. So, my adorable Amanda was a little difficult this morning, she had an almost meltdown moment, but we got through it. :)

  2. Hey! Found you via MBC and new follower! Absolutely love your blog!

    Stop by mine for some yummy recipes and home projects!

    xoxo, Krista


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