Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Wine Tasting in Rawsonville

We took our daughter, Samantha, wine tasting over her "Spring" break. It's actually Autumn on our side and in South Africa 18 is drinking age. We live in wine country and Rawsonville is a town near us with vineyards and wine estates. 

We first popped in at uniWines for wine tasting only to find out that as a co-op they recently incorporated Goudini Wines and all the wine tasting is now at the new location. The ambiance at the original location was nicer, but they were off the beaten track and probably weren't getting enough visitors. I've included related posts in the link below if you would like to know more about their wines and see pics of the original venue.

Afterwards, we went for a light lunch at the Ou Stokery restaurant. Robbie did some beer tasting there and Samantha and I shared a gin and tonic. The location was great, but our pizza was tough and dry. It was our first time there, but we don't think we'll go back.

Today's photos include our beautiful drive. Almost from the start, we enjoyed watching the horses from the side of the road. On our way home, I took photos of the rare candelabra flowers that I spotted the day before.

Samantha and Tina (me)

uniWines / Goudini Wines

Some of our purchases

The Ou Stokery restaurant

Samantha and Robbie

Beer tasting

Gin and tonic

Rare candelabra flowers

Candelabra bulbs

The plant can grow up to 500mm high (almost 20 inches)

It has a single flower head about 300mm wide (nearly 12 inches)

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