Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Goudini Wines

We went for a drive through the Rawsonville wine route a couple of Saturdays past. Amanda loves coming with us, so we took her along. On this trip, we went to three wine cellars. Our first stop was at the Wine and Tourism office and Goudini Wines, they share the same property. That's where we got this awesome map. You can follow along with it.

Goudini had some good wines that have won awards. My favorite was the Chenin Blanc.

You can click on the images to view them larger, but the captions that I've included will not appear in that mode.

Breedekloof Wine Valley
Map and Info.

Crossing the Breede River
from Worcester to Rawsonville

A quick look at the dam and then
we're on our way again

Goudini and Breedekloof
Wine & Tourism

Amanda checking out the map
that is pictured above

Wines from the valley

Wines from the valley

Wortelkoek is carrot cake
Kaaskoek is cheese cake
The signboard:
Wine improves with age...
I improve with wine.

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