Tuesday, August 26, 2014


This past month, on a beautiful wintery Saturday, we went wine tasting in the Rawsonville area. (Since we are in the Southern Hemisphere, we are heading into spring and not autumn like my Northern Hemisphere readers.)

Our first stop took us to the Wine and Tourism office and Goudini Wines. (Visit the link if you missed that post.) Our second stop took us to the uniWines estate, which is a co-op of Palesa, Meander, DaschBosch, Ankerman and Groot Eiland wines.

This was the first time that we encountered a sign that said that children were not allowed inside, so Amanda had to sit outside while we tasted some delicious wines from the various wine makers. We bought her a bottle of Ankerman sparkling grape juice that she could enjoy.

Rose Niemand and her wine making husband, Stefan, were there to tell us about the wines. Rose persuaded us to try the white and red sweet wines (Nectar de Provision) from Ankerman. She treated us to blue cheese and crackers, which went well with them. We ended up buying two bottles of the white. We really enjoyed our stop at uniWines and we came away with several purchases.

Rose and Stefan Niemand

You can follow our trip
with the map at the
bottom of the post.

Click on the images
to make them bigger.
It's worth it!

Meander - Merlot Shiraz/Syrah blend

Ankerman - Nectar de Provision (white)

Ankerman - Nectar de Provision (red)

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