Sunday, October 14, 2012

Wild Flower Time in South Africa - 2

I am always amazed at the variety of beautiful wild flowers at this time of year. They even grow on hard ground. It reminds me of my poem, "Desert Flower," which I posted some time ago on my poetry blog and which you might like to read.

I checked out a few websites hoping to find some names for the flowers I'll be sharing in this series. What I found out is that if you really want to know, then you'll have to buy a book on the subject. I also found a blog called Extraordinary Travel where they posted some great photos, but here's the funny part: some of the captions read "Wildflowers" and "Lovely purple, perfect flowers!" So, it seems that knowing the names of them is not the focus, and it won't be the focus on my blog either. Just enjoy the photos!

Prolific orange wild flowers

Amanda posing for me
Here's a closer look at these flowers.
See how hard the ground is!

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