Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Spice Route, South Africa

We live in the Western Cape of South Africa where there are plenty of neat things to see and do. If you are ever visiting Cape Town, then you should take a drive to the Spice Route in Paarl. It offers a bit of everything with an emphasis on handcrafted items from artisanal chocolates to craft beer. We recently took our son, Jeremiah, and his little sister, Amanda. It was a wintry day, so we didn't have the same views that we had previously. The views are stunning, so please take a moment to check out my earlier post: The Spice Route.

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Robbie took this photo of me with
Amanda and Jeremiah

DV Artisan Chocolate

We went chocolate tasting and saw the chocolate maker at work behind glass who's name, De Villiers, is on the packaging. Amanda, who's only 8, actually likes dark chocolate, so the tasting was not wasted on her.


The Trading Company

The elephant is printed on the window


Bertus Basson Restaurant

Red Hot Glass

The Barn Artist's Studio Gallery

Artist: Jake Watson (and
family friend)


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Tina Morley
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