Tuesday, November 25, 2014

My 3 Favorite Free Editing Sites

The two photos that I'm using today (the tea set and the cactus plant), I took at Angala's restaurant. I just finished a visual 9-part series on Angala titled Boutique Hotel (Part 1 - 9). You can find the links to that series at the bottom of my post.



Invert Colors

As a blogger and avid photographer, I spend a lot of time selecting and editing photos before uploading them to my blogs. Here are my THREE favorite FREE resources that I use:

I used PicMonkey to create the collage above and I used Picasa 3 for the text and photo edits.

Above is my cactus plant photo before uploading it to Canva. Below is how I used it in Canva's Blog Graphic. The text I added in Picasa 3. My favorite fonts with lots of options is in Picasa 3. But I have to convert my png image from Canva into jpg for Picasa. I do that with PicMonkey. I upload my png image to PicMonkey and save it in jpg format.

The Story of How it All Began

The Gorgeous Gardens

My 3 Girls

The Luxury Suites

Flowers at Angala

Horses at the Fence

The Eco Pool

Pets at Angala

The Lily Cottage's Garden

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