Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Open Air Museum, South Africa - Part 5

Kleinplasie is an open air museum in Worcester, South Africa. It's also a small farm, which is what the name means in English. Kleinplasie is, in fact, Afrikaans, a simplified version of Dutch. Many of the settlers to South Africa were Dutch and this museum honors the life of the pioneers. Next week I'll share photos of the things that we saw inside the museum. Today's photos are of the animals that we saw outside. We really enjoyed ourselves with the small farm feel.

When I was taking these two pictures of the rooster on the fence, Amanda got my attention to look at the baby donkey drinking from its mother. This rooster was perched on the fence that enclosed the donkeys. I was so busy looking at what was directly in front of me (the foreground) that I wasn't noticing what was taking place in the background. You can see all my fun donkey photos here in Part 4, including the baby drinking.

The only photo that turned out blurry was the one with the male ostrich. I zoomed in quite a bit to get that photo. You can click on the images to view them larger.

Rooster on Fence

Rooster on Fence

Chicken with Chick

Little Chicks

Ostrich and Rooster

Rooster and Chickens in the Tree

Chickens in the Tree

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