Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Open Air Museum, South Africa - Part 6

When I first came to South Africa in 1993, I didn't know anything about the Dutch pioneers and other pioneers that settled here. They led similar lives to those in the New World. They rode on wagons and built farms. They were fair skinned and the natives were dark. History doesn't paint a rosy past. Besides the hardships, there were also terrible wars. And, slavery was a problem here just as it was in America.

The Kleinplasie Living Open Air Museum in Worcester, South Africa gives visitors a good picture of the positive achievements and resilience of the pioneers. At the museum, there are trained staff who demonstrate the baking, candle making, and metal working that happened so long ago. Some of the structures and displays also depict the lives of the African natives that lived in the region at that time.

I didn't take photos of everything, but there's enough in this series to get a good feel of what Kleinplasie ("Small Farm" in English) is all about. Today's photos are of some of the indoor exhibits. Click on the images to view them larger.

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