Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Being Herself - 3

As you can see in this photo, Amanda is aware that I’m there when I took the shot. However, she’s not posing for me and that is why I’ve included it in this series. I think one of us put Amanda on Jessica’s Foosball table. Of course, she wouldn’t be allowed to stay there without someone watching.

I used “sharpen” and “Lomo-ish” in Picasa 3. These are photoshop tools found in Picnik. What I like about Lomo-ish is that it makes Amanda look more baby-ish. It’s a really fun photoshop tool. Picasa is desktop software that runs on Windows and the best part is that it’s for free. You can go to download if you want it on your computer and learn more if you want to read a review on it.


  1. This picture is so cute! I just love your blog. I recently picked up a Canon DSLR and will be taking a class on how to use it :) I'm a new MBC follower and look forward to your future posts, pictures & tips!

    1. I think you've got yourself a good camera there. I imagine you'll have a lot of fun with it and I think taking a class is a great idea. I saw your photo and your blog and wish you well. By the way, you two look great.


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