Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Road Trip and Picnic - Part 1

My mother-in-law planned a picnic at a nature reserve on South Africa's beautiful West Coast while were were visiting over the summer holiday. We drove through Velddrif and took the Main Road that goes along the coast up to Rocherpan Nature Reserve.

We passed dry fields with burgundy lichen, white wildflowers and sometimes sheep or cattle. We saw the typical West Coast style homes that are reminiscent of the original fishermen cottages. We stopped on the way at a farm stall and bought wonderful savory pies to have with our picnic. It's called Die Skooltjie Padstal, which means "the little school farm stall," because it used to be a little school.

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Tina Morley

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  1. That sky is the most beautiful shade of blue- wow!!!!



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