Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Bosjes Restaurant - Part 1

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There's this cool new restaurant near Ceres in the Western Cape named Bosjes Kombuis. "Bosjes" is Dutch and means "small bushes." "Kombuis" is Dutch and Afrikaans for "kitchen." The former South African Master Chef judge, Pete Goffe-Wood, is in charge of the menu. The restaurant opened in March.

We shared two appetisers, the fish cake and charcuterie with liver pâté. I am not a huge fan of liver pâté, but this was exceptional. Our only complaint about the charcuterie was that there wasn't enough bread to eat more of it. The bread was divine and we did get seconds, but even that wasn't enough. The fish cake was amazing. If I did it over again, I would order the fish cake starter and a salad and forgo the main. It was really that good.

Samantha, Amanda, and Jessica

Another new thing that I was introduced to recently was the all-in-one free online photo editor, FotoJet. I have been trying it out and finding it very user-friendly. It has an easy Home Page lay-out. The options available are clearly displayed: Graphic Design, Photo Collage, and Photo Editing. Make sure to scroll down the Home Page to see them all. I tried the free version with plenty of editing tools and graphic designs to choose from. There is also a paid version called FotoJet Plus that gives you more options with no ads.

I used FotoJet for the collage and the "Bosjes" text. I also used FotoJet for photo editing. I used the Featured Effects under Edit Photo. I usually went with Scenery. On one photo I chose to use Portrait (the group photo) and another one Vintage 1 (the wall with "Bosjes Kombuis" written on it). I added a frame on the very last photo. There are lots of neat frame options to choose from too!

My Mother-in-Law, the Girls, and Me
(Hubby took this photo.)

Chef Pete Goffe-Wood at Bosjes

Delicious Fish Cake

Delicious Charcuterie with Liver Pâté

Disclosure: I was offered a one-year free subscription
of FotoJet Plus in exchange for an honest review.


Tina Morley

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