Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Walking Our Dogs

These photos were taken while on Level 4 lockdown when we had to be inside our properties by 9am here in South Africa. We're now on Level 3 lockdown. That means that we can walk our dogs at any time of the day, but we still have to wear masks. Both of our dogs were adopted as adults from animal shelters and they’re really great dogs. Biscuit is the golden one and Koda is the German Shepherd mix.

Places like restaurants and churches are still closed. Some students are allowed to go back to school, but that's being phased in slowly. We understand the risk of infection, so we are supportive of the stand President Cyril Ramaphosa has taken. We also pray daily for the world situation and for the cry for equality and justice in the United States.

Since we can't travel to any interesting destinations, I'll have to look for more photos from previous years that never made it onto the blog. If you've enjoyed seeing a glimpse of our corner of the world, then be sure to check out the links below that I especially chose to go with this one!

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