Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Harbour House at Struisbaai - Part 1

My mom and step-dad visited us in South Africa in December 2017. We spent some of that holiday touring wine routes and also took a drive down to Cape Agulhas, the southern tip of Africa. We stayed in Struisbaai near Agulhas for a couple of days and it was one of the highlights of our trip. My step-dad discovered online a privately owned home for holiday makers to rent called Harbour House in Langezandt Fishermen's Village.

The house could sleep up to ten people and we were eight. It had an extra little cottage with a master bedroom and en-suite where my mom and step-dad slept. It also had another bedroom with two single beds and en-suite attached to the main house. Robbie and I stayed in the master bedroom in the main house, Jessica had her own double bed, Jeremiah slept in the loft, and Samantha and Amanda were in the attached room. The lady and man in the photo below took care of the home and property. 

I have so many nice photos of our time spent at Harbour House that I'm doing this series in two parts. I'm also sharing a few photos of other houses in the village. All the houses are built to look like the original fishermen's cottages.

Harbour House and its
kind caretakers

The extra little cottage where
my mom and step-dad slept.

The master bedroom in the main house
where Robbie and I stayed.

Jessica's room

Samantha and Amanda's room

Jeremiah's room in the loft

Robbie, my step-dad, Samantha, and
my mom in the living room.

The living room

The kitchen and above it is the loft

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Tina Morley

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