Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Christmas at Britannia Bay

Christmas morning at Britannia Bay, South Africa, began with a champagne breakfast. We needed some sustenance before opening presents as there were ten of us! We toasted the morning with a bottle of Graham Beck Brut Rosé 2012. My mother-in-law also made cinnamon rolls that she let rise the night before on Christmas Eve. You can see us opening presents on my blog, Amanda's Books and More.

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Christmas breakfast

Home-made cinnamon rolls

Ziggy the miniature Schnauzer

It was Ziggy's first Christmas.

Samantha and Amanda

Jessica in blue and Samantha with a swim towel

Samantha in blue and Jessica in yellow


Tammy the cat

Ziggy and Sammy

Sammy and her dad


Christmas lunch

Sammy and Ziggy


Tina Morley

All original photographs
by Tina Morley
unless stated otherwise.

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