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Summer Drinks in South Africa

I live in the heart of South Africa's wine region in the Western Cape. Many of the wine estates are nestled in beautiful valleys surrounded by majestic mountains and producing award winning wines. It's a wonderful part of the world to experience.

During our Christmas holiday at my in-laws' house on the West Coast, we had a lovely selection of wine, beer, and other beverages. These photos were taken over several days and often enjoyed with good food. I'm perfectly happy with drinking one glass of wine with my meal. It's all about enjoying the taste - quality over quantity.

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The Pepper Pot - red wine from Edgebaston

For Christmas lunch we had a bottle of The Pepper Pot from Edgebaston. It's one of my mother-in-law's favorite red wines at the moment. Another favorite red wine by my in-laws is the Boet Erasmus from Vrede en Lust. We had this with our Christmas Eve dinner. Another evening we had White Mischief from Vrede en Lust with freshly cooked mussels that were brought in by the fishermen that morning. It's our favorite white wine. I did a blog post in 2014 that you're welcome to check out at Vrede en Lust Wine Farm and Bistro.

Boet Erasmus - red wine from Vrede en Lust

White Mischief - white wine from Vrede en Lust

Allesverloren - Tinta Barocca Rosé 2013
The wine estate, Allesverloren, translated means "all is lost". It's a sad name, but a truly lovely estate. The last time we visited was December 2013 and you can check out that post at Allesverloren, Swartland Winery.

Porcupine Ridge - Sauvignon Blanc 2013

A can of Coca-Cola

Gin and Tonic

Duet - red wine from Nederburg

The red wine in the photo above and the white wine in the photo below are both from Nederburg, which was awarded the Platter's SA Winery of the Year 2017. I wrote about these wines and the winery on last week's post. If you missed it, be sure to check out Nederburg Wines.

56 Hundred Chenin Blanc from Nederburg

African Java Pinotage from Van Loveren
We took my in-laws out for lunch and Van Loveren wines were on the menu. The wine estate is not far from us in a small town called Robertson and we have visited it several times. We ordered the African Java Pinotage and were very happy with our choice. Pinotage is a South African cultivar. I did a post on Van Loveren back in 2013. It's a bit cheesy the way I presented my photos back then and I wrote very little information, but you're welcome to take a look on The Robertson Wine Region.

The Blauuwklippen 1989 Special Late Vintage below belongs to my father-in-law. He celebrated the Christmas holidays with us by finally opening it.

Blaauwklippen 1989 Special Late Vintage

Craven Craft Lager from Stellenbrau

Flying Fish from South African Breweries and
Tafel Lager from Hansa Brewery in Swakopmund, Namibia
We drank the beers in the above photo at the river's edge in Velddrif. It was a hot day and a cold beer was just the right thing. We always enjoy visiting this little town whenever we're at my in-laws'. I did a blog post on our last visit with lots of neat photos and quotes last year that I highly recommend. Check it out at Velddrif, South Africa.

Savanna Premium Cider
My mother-in-law organized a lovely picnic for us at a nature reserve. Our picnic table sat on a hill overlooking the beach. We could see dolphins swimming in the waves. Most of us chose cold beers or ciders, but my mother-in-law wanted a bottle of Graham Beck sparkling white wine, the same wine that President Obama had at his inauguration. She packed the picnic and we bought the savory pies on the way. Mine is pictured above and it was filled with Bobotie (a traditional South African dish of spiced minced meat baked with an egg topping) and it was delicious! Hubby took the photo below of his mom.

Brut - sparkling white wine from Graham Beck

Sedgwick's 1986 Old Brown Sherry
The photo above of the Sedgwick's Old Brown Sherry in the vintage jug and the one below of the KWV 1930 Muscadel in it's original wooden box were taken for the fun of it. They belong to my in-laws and we did not drink either of them. The Muscadel has never been opened.

KWV 1930 Muscadel



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