Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Hiking in the Mountains

Today I'm veering off from my typical Tuesday travel post. I'm sharing photos from someone else's adventure and not my own, because my daughter, Samantha, went on the adventure too. In August, Samantha was invited to join the hiking club on a 7 km hike up the mountains near our home. She stayed overnight in a stone cottage. They got there just in time before the weather changed. Strong winds and rain buffeted the cottage throughout the night. I think it was quite an experience! Of course, I felt like an irresponsible parent listening to the storm while safe in my bed.

All the photos were taken by Paul Richardson, the friend who invited Samantha, except for the group photo. In the group photo, she is the one in front on the right and he is the one in the middle with a grey jacket. She's also in the last shot, where you see her from behind, as they are heading back down the mountain.

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Photos by Paul Richardson
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