Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Cape Town's Theme Park

This is year we took Amanda to Ratanga Junction, Cape Town's theme park, for her birthday. I had signed up for us to be members on the website for free and, when our birthdays came around, we received complimentary tickets. Amanda and I have birthdays a few days apart, so it worked out really well. We just had to pay for Robbie and Amanda's friend, Cristi.

You would have thought that we were VIP guests, because we had the theme park almost to ourselves. For most of the rides, the girls could go as many times as they liked, because they hardly had to wait or not at all. We went on a cloudy Saturday in early March. Sometimes the sun came out and a couple of times it drizzled. We think that perhaps there would have been more people if it had been sunny, but overall, the weather was pleasant.

It was a fun adventure for us, especially the girls, and I enjoyed capturing the moment on my camera.

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We caught the end of Martin Odd's Birds of Africa.

The girls got to touch the two owls.

The girls have their hands up in the
green and white car.

The girls have their hands up in the yellow car.

Hubby and I rode about half of the rides with the girls at least once. The roller coaster ride that I photographed and posted here is called the Bushwhacker and is a family friendly coaster. We also rode the big roller coaster called the Cobra. They have reptiles on display inside the waiting area, but we didn't have to wait. We could look at the neat variety of reptiles behind their glass enclosures while we walked right on through to the ride. It's an extreme coaster experience and one we didn't want to ride again, except for Amanda. We wouldn't let her ride alone, so she'll have to go again another year.


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