Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Britannia Bay and More!

Today's photos feature three of our four kids. Samantha isn't in an individual photo, but earlier I posted some great shots of her in The Surf at Britannia Bay. I've also included a couple of photos taken at Stompneusbaai, which is really close to Britannia Bay.

The family tea time photo I took from my in-laws' balcony. In that shot is my hubby, my in-laws, Jeremiah, and Samantha. My father-in-law took the family photo that shows all four of our kids. 

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Family Tea Time with My In-Laws

Family Photo



Hubby took this photo so that my readers
could see where I stood to take the above
photo of Stompneusbaai.

Horse and Rider at Stompneusbaai
I took this shot from the car window.


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