Tuesday, June 4, 2019

High Tea at Cape Grace, Cape Town

This past Sunday was our daughter's 21st birthday! Jessica is a student at the University of Cape Town, so we took her out for high tea at the Cape Grace Hotel. It's a 5 star luxury hotel right on Cape Town's famous Victoria & Alfred Waterfront. Hubby made all the arrangements (it was his idea), but his mom wanted to pay, so it was her treat too. She also baked Jessica a cake that morning! All four of our kids were there (Jeremiah, Jessica, Samantha, and Amanda) and two of Jessica's closest friends. Only my father-in-law couldn't make it because he just recently came out of hospital and is still recovering.

William was our friendly server for the afternoon. He poured the sparkling wine and Amanda's Appletiser, which is a sparkling fruit juice. I tried to capture the moments with candid shots as much as possible. There was a steampunk vibe in the adjoining rooms. Look closely at the chairs and the chandelier and you'll notice the quirky decor. You can click on the images to make them larger.

Samantha, Amanda, and Jessica with her two friends

Jeremiah, Amanda, Hubby, and my mother-in-law

That's me with Jessica - Hubby took the photo

This was the gluten free option

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