Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Cape Town - Part 1

Fast Food in Cape Town

Yesterday I saw the second half of an episode of Fast Foods Gone Global. It was my first time seeing the program and it inspired me to share today's post on our first visit to Burger King in Cape Town, South Africa. McDonalds has been around for years, but Burger King got in on the action by successfully opening one of it's first restaurants in the business district of Cape Town in 2013.

Standing in line at Burger King,
Cape Town, South Africa

Amanda playing at the Kids Zone

You can see my reflection
as I'm taking this photo

The restaurant is a double story and we went upstairs to eat. The bathrooms were upstairs and so was the Kids Zone. Amanda had fun playing on the indoor playground. There was also a reading room with children's books and computer games for the bigger kids. My only complaint was the long wait for food. The tables inside were half empty, so I think if they could find a way to process the orders faster, then the tables would get filled.

I found this neat 2 minute video on the Travel Channel called McFeasting in South Africa. It shows a new McDonalds at the Cape Town Waterfront. There are great shots of Cape Town and Table Mountain in this video. I've tried to embed it below, but if the embed code doesn't work, then here's the link to the video.

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