Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Rock Pools at Britannia Bay

We went to my in-laws' beach house over Christmas and New Year's. They live right on the beach at Britannia Bay, which is part of St. Helena Bay. We always enjoy exploring the rock pools further up the beach. You can check out the neat photos that I took the year before that include Shelley Point on Britannia Bay, South Africa - Part 6.

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Hubby took this photo of me

Hubby took this photo of me holding a green sea urchin

The Oystercatcher Lodge

Amanda, Jeremiah, and Robbie

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The collages below are from photos that I took at the same rock pools in December 2013 and I posted them on my blog, Amanda's Books and More. You can the see that we had some fog that day and all the kids were with us.

Jeremiah and Amanda

Jessica, Amanda, and Jeremiah are watching a seal

Robbie and our 3 girls:
Samantha, Amanda, and Jessica


Tina Morley
All original photographs by Tina Morley
unless stated otherwise. 1camera1mom is
mostly in English mit ein bisschen Deutsch.

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