Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Animals at Britannia Bay

We always find our time at my in-laws' house on the beach relaxing and peaceful. People and their pets have a fabulous time here. The beach along Britannia Bay is not crowded like the beaches in Cape Town. Even on a lovely day, there can be long stretches of empty beach.

Today's photos are of my in-laws' two cats and some of the wildlife at the West Coast. If you follow my blog, Amanda's Books and More, then you'll probably have seen these photos when I shared them in January after we got back from our holiday.

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Tammy in the garden

Tammy and a sea urchin shell

Timmy with the sea behind him



This bird is called a Bokmakierie


Amanda with her boogie board and the swallows

A baby tortoise

The baby tortoise


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