Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Fresh Mussels from Saldahna Bay

Saldahna Bay in the Western Cape is
South Africa's largest natural anchorage
and port with the deepest water.

Er ist der größte natürliche Ankerplatz
und tiefste Hafen im südlichen Afrika.

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In the December holiday, we went to Saldahna Bay to pick up fresh mussels that my father-in-law had ordered from a fisherman at the harbor. Later that evening our three teenagers learned how to clean them. They then helped my mother-in-law cook them for dinner. Enjoy the photos!

Seagull and fishing boat

My in-laws


Our 3 teenagers, Jeremiah, Samantha and Jessica with
their dad in the middle and Amanda off to the right.

Off-Loading Fresh Mussels

Cleaning the Mussels

Delicious Mussels
in Sauce with Bread

To see more photos of the kids
and the yummy mussels, visit
"My 3 Teenagers Preparing
Fresh Mussels."

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Tina Morley

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