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Rietdakkie Farm Stall

Rietdakkie Farm Stall

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English: Grandpa and Grandma
Afrikaans: Oupa en Ouma
Deutsch: Opa und Oma

You can find this neat farm stall on the R43 between Worcester and the Bain's Kloof/Tulbagh road. It's called Rietdakkie, referring to its thatched roof. There are a variety of interesting items for sale like pretty tins, handmade crafts, bottled preserves and more that also make for great gifts. They also sell seasonal produce, farm butter and food to go.

South Africa has many great farm stalls throughout the country. If you are touring here then I'd recommend you visit at least one or two farm stalls on your travels. Here's a great resource titled, "50 Favourite Farm Stalls".


Afrikaans and English signs for sale

Pompagne: 100% Sparkling Pomegranate Juice

Butterfly and Floral Tins

Ouma in a Jar

More Oumas in Jars


The mountains and vineyards surrounding the farm stall

Amanda and I sharing a mild curry vetkoek

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