Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tulbagh Wine Valley - Part 5

After visiting two vibrant and scenic wine estates in the Tulbagh Valley (Twee Jonge Gezellen and Saronsberg), we stopped for lunch at the rustic shabby-chic Things I Love restaurant and deli. Here's what their website says about the place:

Located in the tranquil village of Tulbagh, with access from both the historical Church Street and van der Stel Street, you will find a deli with difference, a wine shop representing most of the local wines, a gift shop filled with treasures, and a delightful restaurant.

It was certainly all of that!

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Amanda is still full of smiles.

Sparkling grape juice bottle:
Love is Friendship Set on Fire

Passion Fruit (Granadilla) Juice

Lunch - Yummy!

We ate in the beautiful garden.

Items for Sale at Things I Love

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