Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Cape Town - Part 5

African Fish Eagle

World of Birds - Part 3

Vogelpark bei Kapstadt

I've got a number of neat photos to share with you and they aren't only of birds. About 2,000 of the 3,000 birds, animals and reptiles at the bird park arrived here because they needed help. The little Cape Grysbok (small antelope), for example, at the bottom of today's photos, is recovering from terrible head injuries. It was found wounded at a horse stable yard and they believe that it must have run into a fence. Poor little thing.

Rock Kestrel

Rock Kestrel

Jackal Buzzard

African Harrier-Hawk

African Harrier-Hawk

African Harrier-Hawk

Spotted Eagle Owl

Pied Crow

King Vulture

Secretary Birds

Secretary Bird

Amanda with her feathers -
proud of her treasures

She's drinking Appletiser (made in
South Africa) 100% apple juice, carbonated 

Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs

Madagascan Tree Boa


Tortoise eating apple for breakfast

Tortoise eating apple for breakfast

Little Tortoise and juvenile Cape Grysbok

 Juvenile Cape Grysbok (small antelope)

All original photographs by Tina Morley unless stated otherwise. 1camera1mom is mostly in English mit ein bisschen Deutsch.

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