Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Cape Town - Part 2

A Playground in Cape Town
Ein Spielplatz in Kapstadt

De Waal Park is one of Cape Town's heritage sites. It was opened to the public in 1895. Today it's a popular park for dog walkers, children, picnickers, runners and more. Because of the dogs, you have to be careful not to walk in any poop. That's not very pleasant. It's also a place where the homeless come to take a nap. We had to use the public toilets and surprisingly, those were very clean. Who gets to play on a playground with Table Mountain as your backdrop? It's pretty cool, isn't it?

English: Welcome
Xhosa: Wamkelekile
Afrikaans: Welkom

De Waal Park
Cape Town Heritage

Memorial Bench in Mosaic Tiles

Quote on the Bench

Afrikaans: Moenie slaap nie. Kyk! Agter die gordyne begin die dag dans met 'n pouveer in sy hoed.

English: Don't sleep. Look! Behind the curtains, the day begins to dance with a peacock feather in its hat.

De Waal Park Entrance

All original photographs by Tina Morley unless stated otherwise. 1camera1mom is mostly in English mit ein bisschen Deutsch.

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