Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Kruger National Park - Part 7

Our second day at the Kruger National Park was a Sunday. We arrived at the Pafuri Camp, which boasts 5-star tented accommodation along the Luvuvhu River. Every day we went out on game drives with our personal game ranger, Hutch. Today's photos include our first game drive and dinner at Pafuri.

Hutch managed to get a rare sighting of a leopard on our first night! He was holding a floodlight while driving the Land Rover in the dark on a dirt road. We were very impressed.

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Arriving at Pafuri -
The staff were very attentive

Amanda - From the deck we
spotted lots of animals by the river

Elephants spotted from the deck

Elephants crossing the Luvuvhu River

Baby elephant at play

Baby elephant at play

Pied Kingfisher at the river

Grey-headed Kingfisher


Red-billed Hornbill

Robbie and Hutch in the Land Rover -
A baboon by the bridge

Hutch and Robbie on the bridge

The Morley Family - Robert, Robbie, Ann, Tina (me),
Jessica, Samantha, Jeremiah, and Amanda (in front of Ann)

We spotted a Water Monitor below the bridge

The Water Monitor

Elephant walking into the sunset

Female Nyala and a Male Nyala with an Oxpecker

A Male Nyala with an Oxpecker

Sunset on our first game drive at Pafuri


Sunday Dinner at Pafuri

Dinner under the stars

Amanda and Jessica

Samantha and Amanda

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Tina Morley

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by Tina Morley
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