Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Beach at Brenton-on-Sea

Sunset at the Beach

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Family Holiday South Africa
Familienurlaub Südafrika

Hubby took this photo of me

Just a forty minute drive from the beautiful beach at Wilderness is the stunning beach at Brenton-on-Sea. This is a stop on the Garden Route you don't want to miss!

We spent two days here enjoying the views during the month of July, which is wintertime in South Africa. You can see by the way we're dressed that the wind was cold. One morning it rained, but it cleared in time for us to do some sightseeing.

Father and Son

Our Three Girls

Our Son, Jeremiah

Our Four Kids

Samantha and Amanda

Natural Rock Formation

Our Three Girls


Our Three Girls: Samantha,
Jessica and Amanda

Jeremiah and Samantha


Hubby took this photo of me

Hubby also took this photo of me

Pretty shells that Amanda handed me

The Girls


Wildflowers at the Beach

Wildflowers at the Beach

Wildflowers at the Beach

Wildflowers at the Beach

Wildflowers at the Beach

Wildflowers at the Beach

Washing Sandy Feet

No Swimming - Höre auf zu Schwimmen

Sunset at Brenton-on-Sea


Dad and Daughter


I'm also on Instagram.
Ich bin auch auf Instagram.

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mostly in English mit ein bisschen Deutsch.

Tina Morley
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