Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Our Stay at Brenton-on-Sea

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Family Holiday South Africa
Familienurlaub Südafrika

During the kids' school holiday in July we stayed two nights at the Brenton On Sea Cottages. It was difficult to find self-catering accommodation for a family of six that was also affordable. Hubby found this place on the internet. Since it's winter this time of the year in South Africa, we payed winter rates. I think we would have missed this stunning beach on our trip through the Garden Route if it hadn't been for our booking.

Our cottage was really close to the beach. We had a view of the water from our windows. There were three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a small kitchen and living room. Every morning our cottage was serviced. You can see from the photos on my last post, The Beach at Brenton-on-Sea, and today's photos how special our time was.

A friendly resident cat
and our cottage

Our bedroom

The pool and more cottages -
these cottages are duplexes

Knysna at Night

On our last morning at Brenton-on-Sea we spotted a doe with her fawn. A buck soon appeared on the scene, but the doe seemed threatened by his presence. The fawn moved away from its mother to get at a safe distance from the buck. We got out of the way, as we did not want to get between the fawn and its mother.

A fawn and its mother

The doe has spotted a buck
and is on alert

The unwanted visitor

The fawn

The fawn decides to move further away
from the unwanted visitor

Amanda excitedly stands still as
the fawn crosses the road 

The fawn standing alone

The fawn with a view of
Brenton-on-Sea below

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All original photographs by Tina Morley
unless stated otherwise. 1camera1mom is
mostly in English mit ein bisschen Deutsch.

Tina Morley
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