Tuesday, March 18, 2014

On the Road - Part 1

I'm always taking photos and that is why I started 1camera1mom. I needed a place to share them! Sure, I've got Amanda's Books and More where I share many of my photos, but the themes are usually different. There you get to see more about us and here you get to see more about the region where we live.

"On the Road" is a series of photos taken between Paarl and Worcester, South Africa. The bridge was closed due to a truck overturning, so we had to take the old pass.

It's quite common to see baboon in the area. When Amanda was little, she called them "balloons." The scenery is stunning, so click on the images to view them larger.


The Du Toits Kloof tunnel

Here's a link to the fascinating history of the Du Toits Kloof Pass.

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