Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Wildflowers in the Western Cape

I'm excited to give you a little information on a few of the beautiful wildflowers here in the Western Cape. This is not my area of expertise, so I asked someone who knows. Werner Voigt is the manager at Kirstenbosch, Cape Town's Botanical Garden. It's a privilege to have him as a friend. Since time is valuable, I only asked him for the names of a few of the flowers that we see every day on our walks with our rescue dogs. I've organized the photos according to the flowers and not the time of day.

The first flowers are locally known as Bokhoring. It means "the horn of a buck" and is alluding to the fruit structure after flowering. Their Latin name is Microloma sagittatum. They have a milky sap that is used to treat warts.
The Latin name for the pink mauve flowers is Sutera fruticosa. They commonly grow on the foothills of the Breede Valley (our little corner of the world). I find them very pretty.

The Wild Cotton reminds me of paper quilling (filigree). Its Latin name is Gomphocarpus cancellatus.

The last flower belongs to the Hibiscus family. Its Latin name is Anisidontea triloba, referring to the three-lobed velvety leaves. The first photo of the last three photos is of one that has just begun to open.

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