Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Picnic at the Rose Garden

We decided to take a drive out to Durbanville to meet up with our son, Jeremiah, for a picnic. We hadn't seen him since lockdown in mid-March. We are still on lockdown with lightened restrictions. We didn't hug and we tried to keep to the social distancing rules. It was really nice to catch up. The sisters made the food and Jeremiah brought the Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. Even though our kids are half American, something like Krispy Kreme is a novelty. Amanda said it was on her bucket list and was thrilled to finally try their donuts.

These photos were taken with my Canon PowerShot camera and my Samsung Galaxy phone. Jessica also took a couple of these photos as she walked around with my camera. We were at the Rose Garden in Durbanville, near Cape Town. It wasn't the time for roses, but we got a few pics of flowers. This is also the Schabort family burial ground and memorial on donated land by the family, which is part of the Old Eversdal Estate. Amanda and Samantha spotted a hummingbird near the gravesite. It had left by the time that I walked over there.

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